Monitoring FAQs

About our data sharing and publishing platform Port-Log - Frequently asked Questions
There is no restriction to the number of sensors you can add. Multiple and different instrument types can be added to Port-Log at any time, so your sensor network can grow, as necessary
You can view Port-Log on most browsers but not all of them, and we recommend keeping web browsers up to date for security reasons. Port-Log is proven to be compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari
No. You can add as many users as you like for no extra cost. Port-Log is charged depending on the number of monitoring stations ‘or sites’ that you have
Yes. Different access rights are built into Port-Log depending on your requirements. Levels of access include view-only of the latest data (lowest), ability to view and download historical data (middle) and access to the system pages (highest).
Yes. Branding, including company logo and colours, can be added as required.
Yes. Within Port-Log, there is the option for users to download data for discrete periods in different formats, whilst an extension to Port-Log, known as Port-Log Connect, allows the data to be ingested and used in other applications directly.
OceanWise takes cyber security very seriously and we have put measures in place to minimise a potential security breach. We are cyber security certified by the UK Government and all our hosting facilities are accredited to ISO 27001. Port-Log websites are secured by default but there is an option to make some of the web displays publicly accessible, if required.
Yes, data stored in Port-Log is backed up on the Port-Log cloud servers. You can also request a complete copy of your data at any time (for which an additional charge may apply)
No. Port-Log will work with any telemetry device if it can be configured to transmit data to our servers. Our smart telemetry device, the ip.buffer, is well proven though, and has many advantages over other modems, including being programmable and designed to work in the harshest of marine environments.
Port-Log is provided as a cloud-based subscription service, or as an in-house installed system. The customer can choose the option that they feel is best for them. It is also possible to set up a second local (or cloud-based) replicate instance of Port-Log for redundancy, and/or to migrate from one type of installation to another as circumstances change.
If you choose the cloud-based subscription you do not need to store the data locally, as it is stored indefinitely and securely, including backups, on the Port-Log hosted servers. You can choose to download any of the data at any time. However, if you opt for a local installation of Port-Log then you will require a suitable server on which to install the Port-Log database and software. OceanWise can help you with this and provide a fully configured server (at an additional cost), if required.
There is no limit on the time or period that the data is stored. We will increase the volume of storage as necessary and, for customers with a dedicated server, advise if larger server is required, although this is only usually necessary for customers with many tens of monitoring stations or ‘sites’.
There is no limit on the time or period that data is stored. We store historical data indefinitely which may be accessed to use in reporting or to derive operational criteria for example. Data is stored indefinitely, but access to it does require a subscription. Fees may occur if data is requested outside of a valid subscription.
We will keep a copy of the data indefinitely as a backup unless you ask us specifically to delete it. All data is owned by the customer and will not be distributed or used for any other purpose whatsoever unless this is specifically requested.
All of the data is owned by the customer and will not be distributed or used for any other purpose whatsoever unless this is specifically requested in writing. The Port-Log website is secured by default but there are options to make some of the web pages to publicly accessible, while a valid subscription exists.
Please see our Port-Log web page and scroll down to the Port-Log Connect section which gives details on our connectivity suite. If you let us know what you are trying to achieve, we can help advise on the best option for you.
Yes, Port-Log includes standard reports accessible through the standard interface. These can be automated and emailed, if needed. If you require something specific, then we would just need to understand what reports you require and when to set this up. There might be an additional small charge to set up new reports.