Monitoring Overview

Monitor the environment and share weather, tidal and other data easily and efficiently

Whatever your need and whatever the stage of your project, if it involves capturing, managing, sharing and publishing environmental data, we can help.

Our Services

Consultancy and Advice

We are able to offer independent consultancy and advice on your environmental monitoring system using our extensive experience working in many marine and maritime based industries, and from working with different types of oceanographic instrumentation. We will make sure that you get the right system, built for your unique requirements.

System Design and Integration

We will design a system tailored to your requirements and integrate all the components so that they work together harmoniously. We are the marine data experts and can ensure you get the right data to those that need it, when they need it, up-to-date and in the right format.

Installation and Maintenance

As part of our total solution for marine and coastal monitoring, we install your sensors and monitoring equipment and also offer a competitive maintenance service using our experienced, certified field engineers.

Our Products

Data sharing & publishing platform: Port-Log

Our environmental data sharing and publishing platform Port-Log allows you to view, disseminate and analyse environmental data and will manage multiple data formats from multiple sensors. Our Port-Log system is deployed worldwide, and is adaptable to almost any marine or coastal environmental monitoring challenge including Ports, Harbours, Offshore energy, coastal observations and inland waterways. See examples of Port-Log in action from our case studies OR view our Port-Log demo site.

There are a range of extensions available including Port-Log Connect (our connectivity suite which offers further data sharing to those inside and outside of your organisation), map upgrades and our Advanced Waves Extension.

Data Telemetry

Secure, flexible and cost effective telemetry for marine and other environmental applications. Choose our specially adapted modems: ip buffer or rt buffer.

What does a typical environmental monitoring system looks like? See our quick guide here.

At OceanWise, we help you maximise the value from your investment in monitoring. We make sure it is not only fit for purpose, ensuring safe and efficient operations, but also enable you to share data, publicly or with specific groups of users, in applications for design, engineering, construction, forecasting, planning and to support many other types of decision-making.

Our Customers

We have a track record in delivering robust and cost effective solutions to:

  • Ports, Harbours and Coastal Authorities – to support vessel traffic management, pilotage and other maritime operations, security and emergency planning and response, or to share data with the wider community.
  • Oil & Gas, Coal and Renewable Energy Operators – to enable safe operation of offshore wind farms, oil & gas platforms, pipelines and terminals, and many other types of installation.
  • Construction and Engineering Projects – to provide real-time dynamic monitoring and positioning information during survey, dredging and piling operations, shoreline replenishment and seabed or coastal developments.
  • Recreation and Leisure Organisations – to deliver real-time weather monitoring at cruise terminals, recreational facilities, and during yacht racing and other water sports.

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