Maritime Pilotage

Improve operations by accessing important marine data on your Portable Pilot Unit (PPU)

As experts in marine data and data management we are proud to support port operations and maritime pilotage with our range of products and services including:

  • Access to Environmental Monitoring data via Port-Log

    View real-time tide, weather and other important environmental data from Port-Log on your PPU! OceanWise has been working closely with its customers and PPU manufacturers, to ensure that essential data is available to those who need it, when they need it. See our news item here to see how ABP Southampton have made tide and weather data available to pilots via their Trelleborg ‘Safe Pilot’ PPU.

    What is Port-Log? It is our quick and easy storage and publishing solution for environmental data. It is commonly used to display tides, wind, waves and other meteorological and oceanographic data types, but vessel location (AIS), dynamic positioning and motion data can also be included. Parameters can be displayed in numerous ways, including background mapping to assist spatial awareness and enable analysis. Triggers and alerts come as standard so users are always fully informed.
  • ENC Writer Software

    Our ENC Writer allows you to create Bathymetric and Port ENCs easily within an integrated system which can be viewed on your PPU. Using our software, ENCs can be produced within hours of receipt of the latest survey data, which means that pilots are assured they are getting the most up-to-date and accurate information – reducing risk and increasing confidence. The QPS Qastor PPU has proven compatibility with our ENC Writer and has been deployed at PD Ports supporting pilotage and safe vessel passage.

    See our case study for insight on how Peel Ports use our ENC Writer to safely navigate vessels on the river Clyde.

    See also our News Article here on ENC’s for ports
  • Intelligent marine mapping data

    Our intelligent marine and coastal mapping data are designed to be compatible with all leading desktop and web-based Geographical Information Systems (GIS). They are quick and easy to use in planning, engineering, asset management, operations, regulation and a multitude of other applications.

    For an overview of our range of mapping products – see our data buying guide
  • Proven compatibility with PPU’s:

    Trelleborg ‘Safe Pilot’ – ABP Southampton & PD Ports
    QPS ‘Qastor’ – Peel Ports

We would welcome other opportunities to test the compatibility of Port-Log and our Bathymetry and Port ENC software with other PPUs. If you are a user of PPUs or a PPU manufacturer then please do contact us.

Calshot Spit

View our real-time data feeds from data buoys in the Solent.

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