Ocean Database

Proven and flexible data management solution for all common types of marine data

Ocean Database (ODB) provides you with a complete data management solution that loads and stores many standard type of simple and complex marine and environmental monitoring data.

It gives you a centrally managed data resource so that your most important data can be easily accessed by multiple users for a variety of purposes.

Associated parameters used in quality control and metadata creation are included, facilitating onward data exchange and use. Data templates, exchange standards and reports provide the link with stakeholders and can be customised to include user details, logos and to match with specific regulatory regimes or practices.

Ocean Database underpins our Maritime Toolbar and Workflow Extensions and Port-Log. In addition, it can be accessed through a variety of general and specialist software applications including Geographic Information Systems, Microsoft Excel and MATLAB. It has been released for a range of Relational Database Management Systems, such as MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

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What is your data challenge?