System Design and Integration

Monitoring System Design and Integration for the Marine and Coastal Environment
System Design & Integration

We have been involved in numerous marine monitoring projects globally and apply our experience to design and integrate the most appropriate solution for your organisations and environment. As a result, you can be confident that you will get maximum value from your investment in equipment and the data you capture.

We design systems tailored to you. We are independent and flexible with our approach and understand that no two projects are the same!

We have access to all major manufacturers and suppliers of sensors and other equipment to measure a range of environmental parameters in all kinds of operating conditions. We are vendor and instrument independent, so you can be sure that your system is designed around getting the best outcome for your business.

Our experience covers:

  • Single sensor systems for wind, wave, tide, current, water level, salinity and numerous other parameters
  • Integrated systems for complex port, marine and coastal operations, engineering and construction, combining vessel tracking, dynamic positioning with spatial mapping data
  • Portable systems for temporary, remote or moving locations
  • Data acquisition and processing for oceanographic research, resource management and environmental protection
  • Innovative systems to support bespoke requirements, such as yacht racing or search and rescue (SAR), often in harsh and difficult environments

We provide a complete end-to-end management service, from design through to integration, installation, testing and operations. We can include training, mentoring and ongoing support and maintenance under our standard terms or a service level agreement tailored to your requirements.

See our customer case studies for recent examples of projects and systems that we have designed and integrated.

We will always design, build, integrate, install and maintain the most efficient system optimised for your particular needs, reusing your existing sensors and other equipment when and wherever possible.

For more information on why telemetry (data transmission) is such a key factor when designing a monitoring system – please see our Data Telemetry page.

For more information on data sharing and publishing please see our Port-Log page.

Our network of Licensed Partners provide us with a local presence facilitating effective project management, ongoing support and maintenance of your installation.

Read about our projects with Peel Ports, Port of London Authority and Itabo.