System Installation and Maintenance

System Installation and Service and Maintenance support for Marine Environmental Monitoring Systems and Equipment

We can supply a system fully tested and configured for you to install, or we can come to your site or premises to install and commission the system on your behalf. Either way our involvement does not stop there, we will continue to monitor, support, service and maintain the systems we deliver for as long as you want or need us to.

We can install and maintain your sensors and monitoring equipment for you using our teams of experienced and certified field engineers. We are able to access other experts and other resources as necessary to complete the work, including commercial divers, mooring supplies and vessels for deployment and recovery, and radio and electrical engineers for mast installations and connecting to 110/240 VAC power supplies. Our professional surveyors are able to undertake geodetic levelling of tide gauges to established benchmarks, or we can install tide gauge and other benchmarks on your behalf using the latest GNSS receiving equipment and processing software.

All our installations come with a 3-month commissioning period as standard, which can be extended, if required. During this period, we will address any problems should they arise and replace any equipment that is under warranty. We are usually able to incorporate your existing sensors into the new or upgraded sensor network or monitoring system, but please do check with us first, as there are some exceptions.

Environmental monitoring is essential to almost all marine and coastal operations. It is therefore essential that the system carries on delivering accurate data to those that need it continuously and reliably, without interruptions. To achieve this, and to protect the initial investment and equipment warranties for as long possible, it is essential that a programme of servicing and maintenance is put in place, combined with periodic sensor calibration according to manufacturer guidelines and geodetic resurvey as appropriate.

Using the latest technological advances, we are able to monitor and support your sensor network for potential faults and undertake servicing and pre-emptive maintenance as required. Without this in place, you risk that:

  • Sensor performance will be degraded and data quality reduced over time i.e. the data will become unreliable
  • Components are more likely to fail, with a sudden reduction or complete cessation of data retrieval
  • System downtime will become more frequent, potentially leading to operations being compromised or halted
  • Unnecessary costs are likely to be incurred, as equipment needing to be repaired or replaced prematurely
  • Overall, situational awareness and user confidence will be compromised, leading to increased risk of accidents or incidents

OceanWise offers a planned i.e. systemised approach to regular maintenance, so you can maximise your investment over the lifetime of the instruments and are less likely to have periods of downtime. Having trust in data is very important; unreliable, incomplete or inaccurate data is almost as bad as no data at all! Waiting until there is a problem is not an option, as safety and efficiency are paramount, particularly if damage to sensors and downtime can be avoided by good planning and prudent investment.

Planning regular maintenance and making periodic checks, servicing and cleaning will result in avoidance of build-up biofouling or damage early and give you a chance to replace parts where required, resulting in extended an lifetime and improved reliability and accuracy. The regularity of maintenance will depend on the equipment and the environment in which it is placed. For example in warmer waters, biofouling will be greater than in cooler waters. Whether we have installed the system, and are maintaining it, or not, you can talk to us for advice on what maintenance should be carried out for your situation.

Our hand-on environmental monitoring services include:

A visit by one of our experienced field engineers to discuss your requirements, and provided input to the final design; a full report will be provided.
An option for customers to come to our – or one of our Licensed Partner’s – Workshop and observe the complete system working as specified.
As above, but this test is undertaken post deployment. We want to make sure that users are happy with the system and that everything is working in situ, as it should be.
A commissioning (or ‘proving’) period of 3 months during which a fully working system is handed over; the 3 month standard period may be extended as required.
We can undertake geodetic levelling and full GNSS based surveys as part of the installation service, establishing benchmarks if needed.
Ongoing monitoring of the system and support when you require it, includes sensors, data transmission, storage, display and dissemination.
Periodic scheduled or ad hoc visits to ensure your sensors continue to be reliable and provide good quality data, while also protecting your investment long into the future
Periodic re-calibration of sensors according to manufacturer guidelines and resurvey of your tide gauges so their accuracy is maintained and to check for land movement etc. We can undertake site calibrations or supply temporary replacement sensors while your sensors are being factory calibrated.

We can help advise at any stage of your project and offer a FREE initial consultation and advice. Simply contact us.

Not sure what system or equipment you need? What you can keep and what needs replacing? Do you need to future proof your project? We can help!

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