Asset Management System (AMS)

Easily manage and track your marine and land based assets throughout their lifecycle
Why use an Asset Management System (ASM) at your Port or Harbour?

Organisations no matter how large or small, need to maintain, monitor and control their assets. Why? The benefits are varied depending on your requirements and the size and scope of your operations, but essentially it comes down to optimizing the utilization of your assets (an ‘asset’ can be anything deemed to have tangible or intangible value) throughout their lifetime. After investing in any asset you will want to get the most out of it to benefit your operations, meet safety or quality standards and maximise any Return on Investment (RoI).

By using an Asset Management System, in just a few simple clicks, you can view, share, track and report on a wide range of key information on those assets. For example: How many tugs do I have in operation? Where are my Aids to Navigation and what is their status (can I see the data on an interactive map, in real-time)? Who rents this building and how long is left on their lease? What are the safe working loads of my bollards and when were they last certified? Etc.

Each asset type comes with a rich set of customisable and queryable attributes, meaning they only include the key information pertinent to that specific asset. For example a lamp post might include bulb wattage and bulb colour details, whereas a bollard would not require these but include key safety details such as its safe working load.

Managing your assets also brings many operational benefits and increases productivity – having information at the fingertips of those who need it when they need it, results in informed, quicker decision making. It can also help you to meet and report on quality, performance and health and safety standards. As the AMS is from OceanWise you can be sure that your data will be compatible with your other systems for example; in the production of Port ENCs.

We realise that all organisations are different so the OceanWise Asset Management System is fully customisable and designed to work for all types of organisations. Whether you are a small harbour, an offshore energy provider or a large Port Group the OceanWise Asset Management System will provide a structured, easy-to-use and methodical system which allows careful management of your assets.

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Key Benefits:

  • Manage and maintain your assets all in one place (marine and land based)
  • Improve your credibility and accountability for decisions and expenditures
  • Save time, resource and costs
  • Increase productivity and retain competitive position in dynamic market place
  • Maximise ROI over an extensive, diverse and often expensive asset portfolio
  • View, share, export and track details of your assets quickly and easily

Key Features:

  • View your assets on an interactive map
  • Rich set of customisable and searchable attributes for each feature
  • ENC production compliant
  • Built in API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Cloud-based
  • Works with desktop GIS
  • Data management best practice methods built-in

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