Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Realise the full benefits of using Geographic Information Systems

Our team are here to help! Our unique experience in the marine domain (see our marine mapping story here), expertise in marine data and marine GIS means that we are perfectly placed to help you realise the full benefits of using Geographic Information Systems whether it be it open source like QGIS, or using a proprietary software programme like Cadcorp.

As our training and mentoring is specifically for those working in the marine environment and its challenges, we can help you apply GIS to manage and manipulate your land, marine and environmental data while implementing best practice.

See our case studies for some examples of how we have helped our customers get the most out of their GIS: The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) improves Data Management and GIS Capability, ABP Port of Southampton benefits from GIS, Bathymetric and Port ENCs for Peel Ports Pilots.

Mapping and GIS Services
If you don’t have access to GIS we can create mapping outputs for your specific need, such as ENCs or other maps for critical projects or operations. We will build the outputs using our data management solutions, so at the point when you decide to take GIS in house the data can be easily transferred.

We have delivered ENCs for ports where standard navigational charts have not provided the crucial navigational detail necessary for planning and decision-making during passage. We can take your high resolution bathymetry, accurate land mapping data and central source of Aids to Navigation to create a Port ENC – a higher resolution equivalent of a standard hydrographic office published ENC. These are provided in formats that can be easily uploaded into Portable Pilot Units, or other key systems, such as VTS.

Data Policy and Management
To make the most of GIS, you need to have a sound understanding of data and information management policy. We provide advice, guidance, training and mentoring on data governance ‘best practice’, ensuring that your data is fit for purpose and its value to your organisation is maximised and maintained.

You can find out more about data management by visiting our Capacity Building, Training and Mentoring Services page.

Training and Mentoring
Most GIS software is developed and targeted towards managing terrestrial assets. We target our training and mentoring to those working in the marine environment, with its own specific challenges. As marine data experts, we have worked with various GIS platforms, specifically Esri, Cadcorp, MapInfo and QGIS. We can help you apply these systems to manage and manipulate marine and environmental data while implementing best practice. See our GIS Training courses here.

Productivity Tools
Our suite of productivity tools can simplify both complex and common tasks within your GIS, making it an even more effective and powerful tool that saves you both time and money, and creates real value. Ocean Database underpins the productivity tools as a centralised database to help you manage all your marine and environmental data for use in your GIS. See our range of productivity tools here.

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