Dredging and Licensing Management

Streamline tasks related to the management and reporting of your dredging operations
  • Streamlines the reporting to dredging licensing authorities
  • Makes it much easier to respond to enquiries by providing fast and easy access to information
  • Assists decision making and the sharing of information through the use of interactive mapping

Many Port Authorities have to dredge their rivers and harbours to keep the port open and in more recent times to accommodate the ever larger ships being built. In the UK, dredging is allowed only under Licence, which requires an application process and ongoing reporting during the life of a Licence.

The Dredging and Licensing Management Extension allows you to record your completed dredging activity, manage and report under your Licenses to the relevant authority, and plan and budget your future dredging campaigns.

The Extension is built on Ocean Database and can run standalone or as an extension within Cadcorp SIS and Esri GIS – which provides the mapping functionality. Users can quickly access information about a specific Campaign by seeing which areas were dredged, which vessels were involved, or can investigate the history of dredging at a particular area. Dredging activity can also be monitored against the licence, for example highlighting how much of the licensed quantities have been dredged.

When combined with GIS and Maritime Toolbar, survey data can be used to identify target areas and calculate volumes for input into planning and budgeting. The Extension allows a variety of reporting options including Summary reports to assess historical dredging activity and standard reports for the Licensing Authorities – create your Licence Return from a single button click!

All the reporting can be customised to your specific requirements to include, for example, your company logos and branding.

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